As Nucleon Laboratory Companies: 

Our first goal was not to pursue innovation, but to speed up innovation and to raise awareness. The intention is based on power, thought and target unity in real sense.

Creating new synergies with companies that are Nucleon representatives, creating new synergies, continuously improving product range and diversity, increasing efficiency and organizational efficiency, new horizons with products that can respond to innovative private requests generated by high quality standards To open.

Nucleon extends the expertise of the world’s leading companies and provides a strong foundation for public hospitals, private hospitals, universities, research institutes, manufacturing factories, medical, laboratory, medical and industrial machinery  business solutions, and by delivering high-tech products that require special experience, they are successively succeeding in increasing day-to-day periods.

Cylinders, Cylinders, Humidification Cabin, Cylindrical Oven, Cylinder Ovens, Ovens, Plant Growing Cabins, Laminar Flow, Incubator, Chemical Storage Cabinet, Ultrasonic Water Bottle, Oil Apparatus, Refrigerated Water Bottle, Magnetic Mixing, Kit storage cabinets, vacuum pumps, mixers and scales are produced in our production line.


Basic Lab Equipment, 

Concrete, Asphalt, Aggregate Testers, 

Laboratory Bench Systems, 

Laboratory Clean Room Systems, 

Medical and Hospital Fixtures, 

Turnkey Laboratory Systems, 

Laboratory Chemicals, 

Laboratory Consumables, 

Laboratory Glass Materials 

Laboratory Equipment and Equipment, 

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